aquawhite CHHOTA BHEEM Toothpaste for Kids, Fluoride Free, Straw Berry Flavor

For sale by aquawhite 10 Sep 2018 3:47 pm

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"aquawhite presents CHHOTA BHEEM Toothpaste for Kids from age 2-14 years. aquawhite is the exclusive license holder of CHHOTA BHEEM. A Dubble Bubble (Bubble Gum) flavored toothpaste especially formulated for the taste palate of children. The fluoride free composition of the toothpaste ensures safety of kids even if they swallow it while brushing. Your kid’s favorite CHHOTA BHEEM character on the toothpaste will prompt the kid to brush on their own and make brushing teeth more of a joyful experience rather than just a habit or necessity. It is gentle on jaws and effective on teeth, for it has a brilliant flavor and after-taste which will encourage children to brush for 2 minutes 2 times a day, happily. Not only this, its long-lasting protection against germs, bad-breath and tartar makes it one of the best for kids.


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