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Automotive Oil Filter Market is projected to expand at a CAGR over xx% between forecasted period 2018-2026,Automotive Oil Filter Market is expected to reach US$ xx Bn by 2026 from US$ xx Bn in 2017 Global market is expected to be influenced by a range of political, economic, social, technical, and industry-specific factors. Automotive Oil Filter Market is projected to show high growth opportunity in the original equipment market and aftermarket, owing to the limited life of automotive transmission oil filters. Automotive Oil Filter Market is derived mainly by strict carbon emission norms, leading to lowered carbon emission levels. China 5 standards for emissions, which are similar to Euro 5, were implemented to new vehicles sold in the country, in January 2017, for petrol engines. These standards are applicable for diesel engines from January 2018. China has mandated real-driving emissions testing modelled after the European real driving emission RDE regulations with a few improvements and reforms with the application of these norms. In March 2014, U.S. finalized new emission standards for vehicles and fuels, commonly mentioned to as Tier 3 emission standards. A well maintained and properly functional oil filter is required to cooperate with the norms mentioned above. Which will heavily rise market demand for oil filter. Growing industrial sector and commercial vehicle segment Automotive Oil Filter Market show some reduction in market share in future due to demand of electric vehicle by government and peoples. Rising price of combustible fuel like petrol and diesel also tends to people search for the new technology of vehicle which in term reduces the Automotive Oil Filter Market. Automotive Oil Filter Market Automotive Oil Filter Market is segmented into fuel type, filter type, vehicle type, end user, and region. Based on the filter type, the Automotive Oil Filter Market volume is expected to be the highest, in comparison with the fuel filter, which can be reasoned that the oil filters being a critical part of an engine, needs frequent changing than the fuel filters. The gasoline oil and fuel filters are expected to dominate the volume market in the coming years followed by the diesel counterparts. Globally, every year, the passenger cars produced are predominantly equipped with gasoline powertrain, but slowly diesel is increasing its Automotive Oil Filter Market  share in this vehicle segment owing to the technological advancements such as turbochargers and production of ultra-low sulfur diesel. By vehicle type, this segment is classified into two sub segment passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle, passenger vehicle sub segment is estimated to have the large share in the market mainly due to the increasing production and population across the Asia Pacific region. The passenger car segment would be followed by commercial vehicle segments. In terms of supply channel, the aftermarket segment is expected to grow in terms of volume in the near future. This can be owed to the reasons such as a rise in vehicle fleet and increase in usage of vehicles for commutation. Asia-Pacific region comprises countries such as China, India, and Japan. The region is dominated by developing countries like India and China, where the automotive industry is growing at a rapid pace. A number of factors, such as the growing demand for vehicles in developing economies, stringent governmental policies regarding vehicle emissions, and increasing adoption of personal vehicles for daily commutes are driving the Asia-Pacific Automotive Oil Filter Market. Oil filter manufacturers such as Mann+Hummel, Affinia Group, Ahlstrom Corporation, Fram/UCI, Cummins Inc., Sogefi SpA, Donaldson Co. Inc., Mahle GmbH, Clarcor Inc., and Denso Corporation are the major players in this region. In automotive oil and fuel filters market, Mann+Hummel is the Automotive Oil Filter Market leader. This company has excellent supply and distribution network across Europe and also globally compared to its peers. The company through its Automotive Original Equipment segment supplies these filters to the automotive OEMs and through Automotive Aftermarket segment to cater the aftermarket/replacement/ market demand.

The Scope of the Automotive Oil Filter Market:

Automotive Oil Filter Market, By Fuel Type • Gasoline • Diesel Automotive Oil Filter Market, By Filter Type • Fuel Filter • Engine Oil Filter • Hydraulic Filter • Others (Coolant Filter, Etc.) Automotive Oil Filter Market, By Vehicle Type • Passenger Vehicles • Commercial Vehicles Automotive Oil Filter Market, By Sales Channel • OEMs • Aftermarket Automotive Oil Filter Market, By Region • North-America • Europe • Asia Pacific • Latin America • Middle East & Africa

Key Players of the Automotive Oil Filter Market:

• Mann Hummel • Affinia Group • Ahlstrom Corporation • Fram/UCI • Cummins Inc. • Sogefi SpA • Donaldson Co. Inc. • Mahle GmbH • Clarcor Inc. • K&N Engineering • BIG Filter • Affinia Group Inc. • Denso Corp. • Donaldson Inc. • UCI International Inc. • ACDelco • Ahlstrom • Bosch Group • Gud Holdings • Hengst • Hollingsworth & Vose • Puradyn Filter Technologies • Roki • Sogefi • Tokyo Roki • Toyota Boshoku About Maximize Market Research

Maximize Market Research, a global market research firm with a dedicated team of specialists and data has carried out extensive research about the current automotive oil filter market. Report encompasses the Automotive Oil Filter Market by different segments and region, providing the in-depth analysis of the overall industry ecosystem, useful for taking an informed strategic decision by the key stakeholders in the industry. Importantly, the report delivers forecasts and share of the Automotive Oil Filter Market, further giving an insight into the market dynamics, and future opportunities that might exist in the Automotive Oil Filter Market. The driving forces as well as considerable restraints have been explained in depth. In addition to this, competitive landscape describing about the strategic growth of the competitors have been taken into consideration for enhancing Automotive Oil Filter Market know-how of our clients and at the same time explain Automotive Oil Filter Market positioning of competitors.


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