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Make-up Hacks for a Destination Wedding


It looks like you are going to have the most romantic destination wedding. Have you packed all the necessities? From shoes to accessories is everything sorted? What about make-up? Have you booked your Destination Wedding Makeup Artist? Well, if the answer is NO, then do gear up, as once you fly to the venue arranging things might get a little tiresome and as a bride, you cannot afford any stress! We understand how challenging things can get before the D-day. Hence we have brought Make-up Hacks for a Destination Wedding. Consider it a gift from a friend!


Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

Dear Bride, keep in mind that moisturization is the key! Keep your skin hydrated so that it does not crack and looks blemish free. Use the products that suit you. Apply the moisturizer thoroughly and allow it to get absorbed in the skin especially under the eyes.


Use a Good Primer:

Primer alone helps the makeup last longer, soaks excessive oil and prevents any disasters.


Lip Stain Is a Must:

A Lip stain lasts longer than a lipstick, plus it does not get rubbed on clothes or glass and spoons while eating. All you need to do is, line the lips and use the stain of your choice. Apply just before leaving for the ceremony.


Make Matte Your Mate:

Shimmery makeup is not essential for the wedding day. Few Destination Makeup Artists in Indiabelieve that lipsticks, blush, and bronzers with glitter have a shorter shelf life. Once applied, they evaporate very quickly. Hence, seal your makeup with liquid matte products. They blend flawlessly and give a flattering appeal.


Blend it Like a Pro Baby:

The perfectly blended right foundation does half the magic. It is better that you check the foundation on your neck and then pick it up. Blend it properly to make it look natural and last longer. You can do this by applying it in small doses and then, blend, blend and blend to merge it with the skin.

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