is first priority is to maintain your data privacy and safe hands. We know your date is very valuable so we value your privacy and appreciate your trust on click ns sell. The privacy polices applied for our current and former visitors who giving the details for for any reason.

By submitted your data please don’t worry about that we are here to save your details and it’s under the click n sell privacy.

When you sell out something on clicknsell you need to add your contact number because here display your contact information, i.e., mobile phone number or email ID in the case of, someone buyers/sellers by directly communicating with you. If you buy something that time you can also use the mobile number so that sellers can easily communicating with you.

Click n sell Cookies polices

Click n sell uses "cookies" in connection with the web browser for optimum usage of the site. A "cookie" is a small piece of data coming from our web server that is stored in the user's hard drive or other storage device. The user may choose to disable or adjust enabled cookies accordingly by configuring their web browser. However, disabling or deleting cookies may result in the unavailability of some functions and features of the website.

Click n sell uses cookies to remember the last activity of the user on the website, for the user's own convenience. This applies in terms of saving the user's details (username and password) and settings on applications. Cookies are used for identify the used computer. No personal data except the users IP- address is saved.clicknsell does not use technology that may combine information obtained by cookies with personal user data, so as to detect the identity or email address of users.

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